30 October 2010

Cafe lunch - New scrap layout of baby

For my baby niece Delilah's album, I wanted to show our tradition of going to a local church cafe for lunch. It's interesting when I see my other photos of that day, which feature my son Angus. I'll scrap his photos of the day to show a different perspective, of course.

This is one of those layouts when my first attempt of the LO just wasn't working. The main photo mat was white, which looked awful. So I ended up inking it a bit and adding some embellishments, which isn't my usual style - I like to keep things simple - but I had fun on this one.

25 October 2010

At last - photos of Delilah and I - scrapped!

This little niece of mine was almost three months old before I had my photo taken with her. The problem is that I'm always behind the camera, of course. I am so delighted with the photos my sister took, and made this layout on Sunday.

materials: Bazzill cardstock, Grace Taylor and Graphic 45 paper, Fancy Pants Designs stamp, Kaisercraft acrylic paint, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Sharpie pen, date stamp, StazOn ink.

I loved it so much, that I decided to duplicate it and make another for myself, since the first leaves our house and goes into Delilah's scrap album that I am gradually building. Mine has more photos and journalling, but they are virtually identical. Nothing wrong with that! This is a very simple layout and you can tell I made it... that's what I like about it.

21 October 2010

Scrapbook layout using mobile phone photos

This is a layout I started on my solo retreat but I wasn't happy with it. My rule was to use only white cardstock and I've realised that white may not work with some photos. These are mobile phone photos so the quality isn't great and they really need brighter bolder colours to work. I still believe you can make ANY photo look great in a scrap layout. It's a bit like love: everyone has the right partner out there somewhere, you just have to find them!

19 October 2010

finally - scrappin again! - new layout

Sometimes I talk myself out of scrapbooking because when the evening free time comes around, I feel tired. What I have discovered, is that by going into the study and sitting at my desk, and looking at a photo, I suddenly get re-energised. Then next thing I know it's becoming a late night! But this is how I finished a layout I'd started a couple of weeks ago. And I love it. Glimmer Mist, Sassafrass paper, Collections chipboard, felt, leftover ribbon, hand-drawn rainbox. Handwritten journalling.

16 October 2010

New layouts and a digi scrapping project

I realised this week that I would have more success capturing my layouts by photographing them, using the camera's manual settings, instead of relying on automatic which I was doing all the time. The pages weren't in focus and the light was always terrible. It pays to learn about the camera because now I know the depth of field was too shallow and the page simply needed to be bluetacked to a wall - outside! So i won't waste any more time with scanning.

This was one of the layouts I completed on my solo retreat, but I wasn't happy with it so I spent some more time on it at home. Which is silly, when you consider these are only mobile phone prints I couldn't bring myself to throw away. Yet I love it.

...and this another one that was sort of fixed. I added the patterned paper in afterwards which made everything the right colour balance, somehow. It's all about the colour, I've decided. Layout design is important but not everything.

I have to admit I haven't scrapbooked for about a week and a half. I've been catching up on my reading (The Happiness Project) which I will write about when I've finished. Really enjoying it too. What I have been doing is thinking about and catching up on my priorities since the end of the year is looming. This week I've been getting up at 5am - which I totally recommend, but get to bed by 10pm - and making double page layouts of each month of 2009. It's really a digi scrapping project, because I'm playing with some cool masks I bought over at Two Little Pixels. I'm using 6x4" sized canvases so it can all be laid down on plain white 12" paper. Each 6x4 will look different - some will be a single image, others will contain several, and some will have journalling. Here are some examples:

I'll post more about this when I've finished a whole page by the end of October. There will be handwritten journalling a title block - the double layouts will all follow a formula.

04 October 2010

Ten new scrap layouts from Solo Retreat

Here are some of the layouts I managed to complete on my solo retreat last weekend.I haven't done a scrap of scrappin since then... eight days later. Life's been hectic with Little Miss 3 - I went to the bookshop on Friday and bought Supernanny's book in the hope of some insight. Still looking for a solution. At least I am proud to say I read a whole book this long weekend! There were lots of pictures... Ever hopeful of more inspiration, I've ordered the DVD from the library.

But I digress. This is a great challenge for you. All you need is to scrape together a chunk of time, a stack of white-only cardstock, doesn't have to be the fancy stuff, and a big pile of photos you've been waiting to scrap for ages. You're only allowed to use paper scraps and as much inking and painting and doodling and writing as you like. Go!

01 October 2010

I haven't had a chance to upload any of my 12 layouts from the solo retreat or finish the other five because of one certain little miss. She's is thankfully at daycare today so now it's 12.30, little man has finally gone down for his sleep and I have two weeks worth of photos to upload and print for Project 365, which is my normal Friday thing. So layouts are coming soon.

Meantime, read more about my week here. Next year I'm going to combine the blogs, I've decided. Much easier! Happy Friday to you.
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