29 January 2010

Newborn card

So many women pregnant at the moment! Another Mum in our mums group is due next month. This little one will be baby number 4 in the past few months alone. I had great pleasure being asked to make the card - my first commission! The front features Jenni Bowlin tickets which are so vintage cute. I can't wait to use them in the baby albums.

I used calico on the card, which I sewed around, inked with pink ink, added the tickets with foam squares, stamped a green swirlie at the top, added ric rac and a Collections chipboard heart, and wrote the message with a brush pen.

27 January 2010

Project 365 here I come

I've been enjoying the photos of others who do their own versions of Project 365, where you take a photo a day. I've been interested in this idea for a while now but couldn't quite think where to "fit it in" as I have so many scrap projects I want to do. Today I decided to do it anyway! and man is it FUN. I also received a lovely brand new camera, the Canon 500D, as an early birthday present. So even though I only started officially today I decided to go back to the 1st jan and pick a photo a day since then. You can check out my pics at Flickr.

22 January 2010

Favourites scrapbooking layout

Well, it's 8 years next months since we met and became favourites. This has always been a fave pic of mine, and I was pleased to be able to create a colourful layout despite the dullish colours in the pic. Love the papers from Sassafras Lass, which are hard to get now, as I think it's an older line (thanks Camelot). I made the title on the computer, using Freeze! font, added a little Kelly Panacci stamp, and used watercolour pencils for the coloured strips.

21 January 2010

Arty scrapbook layout

This page was inspired by Louise Nelson's style, but instead of Glimmermist (on my wish list) I tried Kaisercraft's aubergine acrylic paint and flicked like mad with a toothbrush over a mask (but from a magazine image). Lots of fun, more like this to come I reckon.

Recycled cardboard photo frame

I wanted to see if I could make a frame from an old recylced box - it already had a fold just like a book spine so it does make a good frame. I need a bit of practise covering with cardboard with paper though LOL! The air bubbles are hidden with patterned paper. It will be nice and light to post but forgot to keep it under the A4 size when I was making it. Funny how we forget the practicalities when we're in the creative zone!

New "Scrapbooking toolbox" books

I am constantly inspired by ideas for scrapbooking in magazines and online, but can only seem to retain small bits n pieces in my memory. So, I decided to create a toolbox of ideas, a "cheatsheet" if you will. I reached for one of my dearest friends, the Zutter bind-it-all. And went a bit crazy yesterday, making 3 books. I was only going to make 2, but then realised the second one would be way too thick for my 3/4" O-ring.

There's one book for my enormous list of project ideas - it has about 10 pages, each page with a heading:

12" albums

8" albums

Babies mini-projects

blog and digital art

DVD projects

art, literary, photo journals

off-the-page projects and gifts


Sewing and fabrics

zutter binding projects

I just want to make sure I at least make a start on these these year, and finish a few if I can. The toolbox book is split into two parts, one with ideas for "journalling, layouts and titles". The other is everything else: collage, colours, embellishments, fabrics, paint and inking, paper piecing, photography. Love binding books!

20 January 2010

stamped card

I have a huge collection of these lovely vintage brown cards so I can make quick and simple ones, my favourite style for cards. It's more of a challenge stamping on brown though.

17 January 2010

One more scrapbooking layout

Right now I feel COMPELLED to do some pages with 2009 photos. There wasn't enough oportunities to complete current pages last year, as I was preoccupied with scrapping layouts about my lovely Dad.

Here's my latest page using - yes - the new square punch. I was inspired by a Cheryl Ametewee layout for this one.

christmas cards scrapbook page layout

I am so delighted with my christmas-card collage layout, another idea borrowed from Ali Edwards. After much thought, I decided to go out on a limb and buy a square punch. Like Ali and many other scrappers, the story is the most important thing to me about scrapbooking and sometimes you need more than one photo for that. And photos on a page take up lots of room...So I am happy to be able to recommend the EK Success 2" square punch.

After being warned about the dangers of using these type of punches (the cheaper and less reliable brands are almost impossible to use without standing on them!) I was nervous. But this one works really well on photos and cardstock, no problem. I was looking for the Marvy Uchida at Camelot but couldn't find it, so happily this one is just as good. Hooray!

My DH is very nervous now that he will come into the Tardis one day and find squares punched through all his stuff.

What can I see - the square punch is. VERY. addictive!

I also bought a Fiskars scallop punch and love the lacy effect.

Postcards from Paris shadow box

I had a bit of fun last Saturday at my local scrap shop, Seriously Scrapbooking, with Jane Tregenza's little shadow box made with the 'Postcards from Paris' range from Websters pages. I am keeping the bottom right hand corner free for a little photo, but can't decide yet what to put there. I'm thinking of a little girl - maybe me!

12 January 2010

Past family treasures

Each year in the bushfire season I worry about the family photo albums. Even used to have an idea I would grab several albums and put them in the car, before evacuating! But since having two babies, plus the cat to consider, it's obvious this would never do.

So. This year I decided to do something. Following our crazy heatwave in Adelaide this past week, of temperatures over 40degrees C, I decided it was time to enact the master plan, and commence scanning photos from albums. This will be a massive task when you consider all the pre-digital photo days. There's a fair few photos in this category, not all in albums either. My sister looks after several albums and photo bundles from our Darwin childhood days, so I will gradually scan in photos from her collection, then mine. We're doing regular back ups to the hard drive at the moment, too, so at least we can grab that if and when the time comes. I hope it never does.

I love the chance to look at these photos, some of which I don't even remember seeing before. I am gonna have so much fun scrapping them, but I have to remember, this is the babies' year, and I really want to get their baby albums done first. Mine can wait, although it might be fun to start on a few during the year. Plus I love the idea of combining my old photos with ones of the babies to compare how similar we look! I love seeing this in the work of other scrappers.

me with Dad
me with Mum
me with Dad (on the flower power sheets he remembered)
me in yellow bonnet
me with Dad
me with Grandma, bless her

04 January 2010

the hybrid album and my first (paper) sewing project

I am terribly excited. Here it is...the hybrid album! (slip-in-pocket album meets scrapbooking album).

Let me explain. It's a regular slip-in pocket photo album, but combined with some scrapbooking. I just looked at the pockets as individual scrapbook pages. Here's why...
I realised that with up to 200 or more photos for this project, and with dozens of other scrapbooking projects waiting for attention, I would have to prioritise. I mean, Tasmin is approaching 3 and I haven't done any layouts for her album yet, or Angus. But I digress.

I wanted to make an album for my sister as a Christmas present and knew I would only have a few nights to complete it. So this was my approach...

Night 1: first, I recorded the time and date each photo was taken - they were all from the last 12 months, but the time and date really helped to write the story.

Night 2: with a pencil and notebook, I worked out how to fit 170 or so photos into the album that would fit 200, so there would be spaces here and there. I kept the photos in singles, pairs, or groups of three or four. So each page contains at least one photo.

Night 3: I created little title blocks, an idea borrowed from an Ali Edwards mini-project(click here to see a similar project), to fill in many of the gaps. I used the same colour and style for almost all of these.

Night 4: Where there were single vertical photos on pages, I gently removed the plastic page protectors with a plastic ruler, and rubber stamped flourishes for embellishment directly on to the white paper background, keeping it simple and sticking to the same stamps. Where there were vertical photos to slip in a pocket, I trimmed them to fit, and sewed a small piece of patterned paper and ribbon to fill the gap. That was fun! I also stamped or wrote directly on some of the photos.

Night 5: I used the lines in the middle of the album to do the journalling. I also included a date stamp, to show the progression of time, as I wanted the story of the year told chronologically.

Amazing. One whole beautiful album completed in just five nights. That is my new record.
P.S. just for the record... the hybrid album term was coined by DH, so credit where credit is due. And second, by 'nights' I mean until well after midnight...

01 January 2010

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