02 December 2010

mini book peek

Here is the mini book I've been working on since Sunday. I'm going to finish the insides with some coloured stitching, especially on the edges of the punched holes to avoid the paper ripping. It's an altered student exercise book so the pages are very thin, and I've stuck two pages together to make it stronger. I made it a year ago as a notebook/journal but as it was still sitting on my shelf, unused, I decided to use it for this mini book about our trip to Melbourne exactly a year ago to farewell Dad. The papers, word and letter stickers are from K&C Company, and my new dymo labeller has been used on the front cover. The only other embellishments used are paper doilies and lots of ribbon. Overall I'm very pleased with it. The trim on the front is Webster's bloomer trim - so lovely! I think I will have to get more. I LOVE it.

I journalled with my sister's old fountain pen - I finally tracked down some ink refill at Office Works. Each day is marked with a cut-down page about 5cm wide. All the pages are binded with my bind-it-all. At 36 pages it is so thick I had to use rings to hold it together.

Everything has gone into the book - travel brochures, food shopping receipts, journalling from notes I kept at the time, even a copy of my eulogy.

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