19 November 2010

Digital scrapbooking layouts

I was sitting here thinking about all the scapbook pages I haven't been doing. Would like to do and wish I could do (insert excuses here). But what I'm doing everyday, I suddenly realised, is a type of digital scrapbooking. I am digi scrapping some photos onto layouts that will fit onto a 6"x4" photo as that's the size I get developed every week for the Project 365 album. And oila! Here's a selection from the last month (elements from Katie Pertiet):


  1. Hi Debbie :) Love your digi pages, awesome!!! Glad you are getting a dymo ;) The pink one comes with different fonts so you'll love it even more :) I have a few older ones that I found at our recycle shop. I only wish that they still made a wider variety of coloured tape.


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